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About us

Erwin van Ginkel happened on the idea of 2BDutch in 2007. We wanted to use the power of the Internet to help people learn Dutch. He then went on to found 2BDutch alongside Jan-Willem Visser and Alexander Ditvoorst. 2BDutch takes an easy, modern approach using video clips and the Internet to teach new Dutch words and improve their listening skills.


2BDutch is supported by a network of 50 volunteers who either volunteer one time or offer on-going support in translating videos into different languages. Without these volunteers, 2BDutch would have never made it off the ground! Would you also like to lend a hand with translations? If so, send us a mail at info@2bdutch.nl!

No barriers to learning Dutch

We believe that everyone should be able to learn Dutch. Money and location should not form a hindrance.

Erwin: “The Netherlands has to collaborate with other countries, and this makes us strong as a country. That is why I want to help people learn Dutch."

Jan-Willem: “I am proud of all our volunteers and users who have grown 2BDutch into one of the most successful websites for learning the Dutch language.”

Alexander: "To my mind, the best thing about 2BDutch is using Internet technologies in an innovative way to help make learning a language fun.”

The future

2BDutch currently enjoys financial support from Sowmedia, Ditvoorst Internet Services and Taaluniecentrum NVT. Our goal for the future is to make 2BDutch financially independent from these organisations. Do you think you might want to work with us? If so, please contact us.

Have fun watching our videos!
Best wishes from the 2BDutch team,

Jan-Willem Visser
Erwin van Ginkel
Alexander Ditvoorst